World Class and Made With Love

Everyone has their favorite type of breakfast pastries that helps them start the day.  Whether it be muffins, cinnamon rolls, a Danish, or a buttery croissant culturally these tastes run the gamut.


Because of living in the Midwest, it’s become so easy for me to jump on the bandwagon and desperately grab a muffin.  However, I realize that when I’m with my family I crave a slice of creole bun, jam roll or powder (pronounced pow-dah) bun.  You can have any of them as a great addition to your morning coffee or hot chocolate for your children.


On my recent trip to Los Angeles, CA I had the opportunity to visit a popular Belizean restaurant called Ella’s Belizean Restaurant.  This charming café in the South Central neighborhood of the city, endearingly referred to a ‘Little Belize’, is well known for providing authentic Belizean pastries.  Once inside we are greeted by Mrs. Velda Gordon, a friendly, yet reserved cashier who took our order. My sister and I chatted briefly with her as she placed the items we ordered in a bag, and as we continued, she became even more warm and welcoming.


We complimented the restaurant saying they had the best creole bun and bread in town. She proudly informs us that although she doesn’t cook any of the entrees for the restaurant, ‘the delicious buns you have, or are going to be eating have been prepared by my hands.  It is the only thing that I do here aside from serving or dishing up food’.


Considering that many Belizeans long for the same quality and goodness that their moms or Grannies would do, Mrs. Gordon agrees that Ella’s is providing a much needed service to the community. Because it is her bread and butter, she takes pride in her work and that of the restaurant.  Plus, she enjoys the chance to meet and greet people from all over the world that come for a taste of authentic Belizean cuisine.  She is so confident in the food that she assures visitors that they WILL be back for sure.


The mindset is one of love, joy and happiness.  Mrs. Velda points out that because there is no time to repeat preparation of the items; love is always in the kitchen.  Music plays, the workers hum, laugh and dance while they work.  All to demonstrate the care for the food, and their customers.  Even to the extent of bun and breads receiving a few pats from the person who baked them!


If you’re ever in the City of Angels, make sure to visit a little piece of Belize and get some of that world class food made with love.


Ella’s Belizean Restaurant

3975 S. Western Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90062

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