To Be, or Not To Be (Plant-Based)… That is the Question

It’s been a long while friends, but I’m back with a goal of blogging more and engage more in conversations. Now, even though I’m committed myself to this, I’m writing this particular post about an experience that I’ve had with someone who doesn’t really know what The Un-Bougie Foodie is about.

In a Facebook group that I’m in, one of the administrators posted a piece by Gizmodo entitled, Impossible Now Makes Pork From Plants. It wasn’t an in-depth article really. I think it was more of just information about a new ‘pork’ option for those that have embraced the the plant-based culture. I wasn’t appalled, or disgusted by this but I did comment, ‘This is getting ridiculous.” No exclamation, no emoji… not mean spirited at all.

Then it happened. A woman in the group took offense that I used the term ‘ridiculous’, basically chastising me that no one is making me be plant-based. Adding, ” You don’t need to be “on board” or approve of it. If you don’t want to eat it, don’t order it and move along. Don’t ruin it for those who DO want this as an option. How is having more plant-based options hurting you??”

Okay. Now clearly she hadn’t read the interchange that I was having with another person in the group that jokingly responded to my comment with a ‘Get with the times, old man’ gif . So, I wanted to explain why I made that comment that I did. On the gif, I responded with an ‘LOL emoji like below to lighten the moment, and not to make it seem that I was making things personal.

Anyway, she obviously didn’t see that I mentioned that I really enjoyed the Impossible Burger, and that I was just commenting that now it’s pork. But I fully respect those that have embraced the plant-based lifestyle. We went back and forth for a bit, and I could tell she was getting a little snotty. But I remained polite, and didn’t attempt to scold, or chastise her back. I had just had enough and finally let her have the last say,…as foolish as it was.

I bring up this because I’m curious in finding out what you would do if someone seemed to be chastising you for a comment or opinion you have? Let me know your thoughts. Maybe it’s something you’re willing to discuss or share your viewpoint on the show.

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