Take A Seat

As The Un-Bougie Foodie, I have a passion for great food, and always inquisitive about new cuisines.  I enjoy sharing information on new foods and restaurants, farmer's market, and food events throughout the Twin Cities.   It's enjoyable to bring my food adventures to life with stories, and photos that whet the appetite of readers. I offer unpretentious restaurant/food reviews, provide recipes, and discuss topics highlighting community food awareness and justices that affect our society.

Having a great meal is not limited to just going out to a restaurant.  That is why I also enjoy having conversations with anyone that expresses their love of food through their cooking - from home chef to culinary professional. What better way to spotlight the variety of tastes and culinary talents in our community!

So I'm Inviting you,  along on this journey.

From tastes around the world, or around the corner, always reminding everyone that ... it IS all about the food!

Take a seat... and listen to The Un-Bougie Foodie radio show every Saturday at 10am on  104.7FM WEQY-LP St Paul. Stream the show LIVE anywhere you go by downloading the Tunein app on your computer or any of your mobile devices.