Pupusas …with love

It makes it so special when you’re invited over to a friend’s home and they express their appreciation of your friendshop by preparing food. I had that experience this weekend with some friends from work. We chose to get together and just laugh and have a good time. Being co-workers we certainly talked about work, even though we said we really weren’t, but more importantly it was the gathering together just to give us some encouragement from the past week and things that we’ve experienced.

My power couple friends Walter and Maricella, graciously invited another co-worker Kim, her son, and I over for a wonderful meal with the help of Walter’s mom.  It consisted of pupusas, salsa, fried plantain, rice, cortido (a Central American garnish made with cabbage, carrots, and green onions) accompanied with pourings of Carlo Rossi’s Sangria and Moscato Sangria…my personal favorite.

Pupusas w/ rice and vegetables

We watched as our hosts made their way around the cozy kitchen, setting out accoutrements to go along with the arranged meal.  Kim asked questions to Walter’s mom, respectfully Mrs Catalina, in Spanish as I did my utmost to recall my 2 semesters and piece together parts of the conversation.

After preparing so much for us,  Mari and Walter joined us at their family dining table. It was so endearing to see Walter eat some of the pupusas, and then hear him say, “Man… I’ve missed having this!”

We conversed some more while still partaking in food. At one point, I asked my friends if they have a molé recipe that they would share with me.  Walter quickly pointed to Maricella and mentioned that she does a good one. But Mari asked Mrs Catalina about it also, complimenting the quality of her molé and inquired if she would allow me the opportunity to learn how to prepare it. Happily she agreed, so sometime in the near future I’m gonna make molé!

Sitting around a family’s table and having meaningful conversation, finding out more about your friends, giving advice or encouragement, are truly ways that express love and affection.  With this meal, an extra stamp of love was also demonstrated with …pupusas!

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