Minneapolis Is Ready to Get Funky!

Imagine sitting with a group of friends and enjoying some soul food, as reminiscent old school funk/soul music like Brothers Johnson, Parliament, or Funkadelic plays in the background.  Well that’s just what general manager and chef partners Jared Brewington and Jordan Carlson will be introducing on April 1st to the Twin Cities.


With an upbringing from his grandmother and father, Jared Brewington’s life has been rooted in the south side of Minneapolis.  So, when it came down to finding a location for their soul food inspired and chef driven restaurant, the general manager of Funky Grits settled in the area that would tell stories and fond memories of his growing up in the neighborhood.


After working with a local interior/architectural designer studio, the aesthetic will consist of wood elements, yet bright and comforting, just like the cuisine.  Booths, round tables, along with a table for communal style dining will encourage patrons to gather together to enjoy great food and rare funk music artistry.  Both partners believe this will embrace the atmosphere and feel of the restaurant being welcoming, and community-minded, while still speaking to how the brand appeal should be.


When asked how the restaurant’s name came to be, Brewington replied, “It hit me.  That was it. I was thinking of what a place like this would be called.  Funk is my jam, you know as far as music goes. Then fast casual comfort food, soul-food inspired…Funky Grits. Done”


Yet, this was something that was long in the making similar to that of a food truck that would play music, serving soul food right as downtown Minneapolis bars would be closing.  But after researching, Brewingon realized that modern fast-casual dining was the right path to follow and still be able to provide the same type of vibe.


The cuisine promises to focus on food that is best for any individuals diet or lifestyle.  With chef partner Jordan Carlson at the kitchen’s helm, he brings leadership and creativity that showcases his culinary expertise along with his passion for food.


Although not his initial career path, Chef Carlson started cooking to help his family, specifically his grandfather.  While cooking at an establishment that quickly transition to a scratch kitchen bistro pub, his passion for cooking intensified.  A world of creativity with food became apparent and with his love to help his family, it motivated Carlson to become involved even more with food to share this gift with those that enjoyed what he prepared.


In creating the menu, Carlson and the general manager plan on taking a different approach when it comes to the southern style dishes that will be offered.  Historically, vegetables and grains have always been important to every culture.  Because the items on the menu are soul food inspired, you won’t find typical items such as fried chicken or bar-be-que listed.  Rather it’s the regular side staples from southern cooking (grits, greens, root vegetables) that will be showcased as the entrees.  These dishes will be rich with wonderful flavors and other items that accompany them with different variations.


The creators of Funky Grits are for the community and will wholeheartedly strive to provide a place where “everyone is welcome, all the time, forever…” while sharing a common interest of enjoying great food.  To them, every single dish counts.  So, whether your interpretation of soul food is by way of a Merriam-Webster dictionary, an urban definition, or your own personal life experiences, consider the commonality; love and intention.

Minneapolis, you ready to get funky?


Funky Grits

805 East 38th Street

Minneapolis, MN 55407



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